Innovation Labs

Stimulating and accelerating innovation is also our way of supporting the ongoing cultural and digital revolution in Africa.
Thus, Societe Generale has created and set up "think tanks" that serve as incubators for innovative initiatives developed by African subsidiaries.

Innovation Lab in Dakar

Launched by Societe Generale in Dakar in February 2016, this action "think tank" is an innovation incubator, especially dedicated to initiatives from Societe Generale's African subsidiaries. It aims to equip them and to spur an innovation, collective intelligence, shared growth and experimentation culture.

Immersed in the ecosystem of Jokkolabs, an independent entrepreneurship and innovation catalyst, the Innovation Lab is in permanent contact with startups, developers, students, etc. Through this openness, the Lab manages to inspire African employees to open innovation, by supporting them in an innovative and differentiating projects co-construction approach. 


From the very launch of the Lab, a real innovation dynamic has been spurred in Societe Generale's African entities.

Less than a year after

The aim of the Lab is to develop innovative ideas, with an agile, co-constructive, open to the external ecosystem approach, providing them with an efficient time to market and an innovative and differentiating service offering.

A Digital Factory in Casablanca

A Digital Factory dedicated to Sub-Saharan Africa region was launched in October 2018 to support the swift evolution of digital transformation and new ways of interacting with the bank, andto  propose innovative solutions, co-constructed with clients customers and respecting a much shorter time to market Societe Generale.

This Digital Factory is a platform, both human, organizational and technical, located in Casablanca within Societe Generale African Business Services (SGABS) and working with two components, "Design" and "Fast Delivery":

  • The "Design" phase allows to co-build with the front and back experts of the Societe Generale entities, but also with end clients, new customer and process paths; it is animated by process path coaches and supported by digital enablers (standard functional blocks, Wireframes, Virtual Lab ...) allowing to create in a very short time demonstrable prototypes (POC)
  • On the basis of the prototype realized during the Design phase and subject to eligibility, the "Fast Delivery" phase allows to design, develop and integrate digital applications in our Legacy and our IS and deliver an MVP with a Time to Market adapted to the experiments, without compromising the security of Societe Generale's assets.

The main objective of the Digital Factory is to support and accelerate innovation and the digital transformation of the Group's entities in the West and Central African regions, addressing in particular new customer journeys and dematerialization of processes.

InnoLAB by UIB

Societe Generale entity in Tunisia, launched its technological Innovation Lab in September 2017. 

In line with its digital ambitions, UIB strives to stimulate innovation in the long run by first federating creative brainpower in the bank, with the extensive Tunisian entrepreneurship and emerging technologies ecosystem, along with the community's innovative synergy among the Societe Generale Group.

While serving the local economy, InnoLAB by UIB is a place dedicated to open innovation, collaborative work, incubation and experimentation of new concepts and technologies, working alongside with innovative actors, such as start-ups, fintechs or even specialized schools and universities, InnoLAB aims at to assess the match of business proposal with the bank's strategic intent. 

Surpassing the dominant trends of the financial sector (transport and mobility solutions, Big Data…), InnoLAB plans to explore, test and develop solutions based on technologies such as Artificial Intelligence (AI), Internet of Things (IoT), blockchain or even virtual reality.