Societe Generale Capital Securities West Africa topped the charts



A record volume of securities traded.

Societe Generale Capital Securities West Africa (SGCS WA) is the subsidiary of Societe Generale Group in charge of management and intermediation in the regional financial market of the WAEMU zone (West African Economic and Monetary Union).

Initially called Sogebourse, this entity approved since 1998 by the Autorité des Marchés Financiers has risen among the benchmark brokers in the WAEMU zone to become number one in the sector in 2020, according to the figures presented on February 8. by the BRVM (Regional Stock Exchange) at the annual meeting with management and intermediation companies. From 8.35% of the total value of transactions in the sector in 2019, the subsidiary arrogated a little more than 26% in 2020 for an amount of 128.4 billion FCFA, controlling a little more than a quarter of the market (in value) which hosts 30 players.

"These results are the fruit of the commitment of each of the employees of Societe Generale Capital Securities West Africa who in 2020 kept in mind our vision and our objectives: to be the trusted partner of our clients and the actor of SGI reference, on the market. Finally, it is a great joy to see that the Top 3 SGIs in the ranking are run by women!” said Orphee Monnet Kebe, CEO of Societe Generale Capital Securities West Africa.

Based on Societe Generale Group's globally recognized expertise and the best technologies on the market, Societe Generale Capital Securities West Africa delivers on a daily basis to more than 16,000 clients, services that comply with international financial market standards. It works with governments, institutions, companies and individuals to provide them with innovative solutions for their financing and investment needs.

Through its presence on the WAEMU financial market, Societe Generale Group reaffirms its commitment to emerging markets and its position as a reference partner in the development of economies in sub-Saharan Africa.