依托庞大的银行网络、集团的国际视野和在非洲的业务根基,法兴银行在非洲的分支机构致力于支持当地经济的发展并服务于380万客户(其中包括150 000个企业客户)。


  • 对非洲国家的深度了解和在当地的丰富经验;
  • 专业的团队支持并服务各类客户的项目发展;
  • 全能银行的模式为客户提供全面的金融方案,无论是在非洲当地或是在其他地区。

Societe Generale thus aims to be the reference partner in order to support its clients in Africa, thanks to:

  • excellent knowledge of the African countries where the Group is present;
  • dedicated teams to support the development of client’s projects, whatever their profile is;
  • access to professional expertise to respond to all our client’s projects, whether it be in Africa or  internationally.