Launched in 2013, Manko is a Societe Generale subsidiary and an innovative financial institution, in between microfinance and traditional banking. It is designed to encourage "unbanked" Senegalese people with low incomes to open accounts, even if they can't access the traditional banking system. With Obertys, a Senegalese startup, Manko developed a digital solution offering a full range of banking products and services (payments, loans, savings) on mobile phone and tablet.

This solution totaled more than 10,000 operations in 2016. Today, 100% of account openings and credits granting are made online. This banking model is very attractive for Senegalese customers, as they don't have to go to the bank: Manko credit agents are riding scooters, and equipped with tablets in order to perform banking transactions everywhere.

Since its launch, many improvements have been made to simplify and secure processes: control, documents storage, debt recovery with Tagpay payment terminals, digitalization of Manko's back office processes and commercial transactions, etc.

Closer, simpler, more accessible and more economical Manko, with its status of Intermediary in Bank Operations, is a unique institution in West Africa.

Find out more on Manko website: manko.sn