Collective intelligence

Launched in December 2017, the pan-African consultation project SAFARI, synonymous with "Societe Generale African Rise", aims to create a 10-year vision of Société Générale in Africa by capitalizing on the ideas and remarks of some 11,500 employees. General on the continent,

Societe Generale wishes to define a clear vision and trajectory and develop a bold culture through a profound transformation and new methods of collaboration.

After 2 months, more than 4,000 messages have been posted, covering three main topics that reveal the current state of mind of African subsidiaries and their willingness to collaborate, innovate and digitize:

  • Create synergies between subsidiaries by continuing to take into account local specificities
  • Focus on new areas even if they are risky
  • Take into account digital and customer orientation.

A second consultation phase was launched in September 2018, focusing the debate on the retail strategy which, in the results of the first consultation, emerged as one of the growth drivers for the Group in Africa.

The debate focused on 4 priority customer segments:

  • young people
  • officials
  • the heritage
  • professionals

Employees shared disruptive ideas and any winning initiative or device (offers, package, channels, expertise, etc.).
This debate was facilitated by innovators and members of the Panafrican Valley Community.