Supporting startups

Open innovation is at the heart of our transformation strategy.

Thus, the Group develops collaborations, partnerships to bring out ideas and new projects to serve our clients and the African continent.

From hackathons organized with our partners Jokkolabs and Bluenove, and prgogrmmes such as Bridge Africa in partnership with GreenTec Capital Partners, discover shared experiences of startups who will shape the face of Africa of tomorrow.

MyJouleBox: leasing solar installations

Winner of the first edition of the “Bridge Africa” open innovation programme organised by Societe Generale, MyJouleBox supplies energy to households and small businesses in remote locations, thanks to its solar installations sold under a leasing arrangement.

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Weebi makes life easier for Senegalese traders

The startup Weebi was ranked in the 1st place at the Hackathon. His project is a smart cash register helps shopkeepers monitor their business activity. In this testimony, the startup give feedback on the prospects of its project for the African continent.

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Dothan Group: a mobile app for simplified accounting

The startup Dothan Group was granted the Special mention of the jury at "L'Arbres à Palabres" Hackathon. Its project is a mobile app for simplified accounting.
Interview of Fabrice Koffi, CEO at Dothan Group.

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Cooffa: a smart cash register for merchants

The startup Cooffa was ranked in the 2nd place at "L'Arbres à Palabres" Hackathon. Its project is a suite of software applications that organises information flows between the producers of everyday, mass-market products, distributors and end customers.

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Afrimalin: a database of stakeholders involved in the informal economy

The startup Afrimalin was ranked in the 3rd place at "L'Arbres à Palabres" Hackathon. His project is a database of stakeholders involved in the informal economy, enabling us to digitalise data collection and redistribute savings via mobile money, using YUP, for example. 

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The “Yup prévoyance” team puts health at heart

The two representatives of the “Yup Prévoyance” team, which means Yup welfare, Mohamed Bensoltana, employee at Société Générale Maroc and Dognimin Koulibali, founder of TecHouse startup, make the conversation spark during a joint interview.

Meet the winners of the Tam-Tam Pan-African hackathon.