A database of stakeholders involved in the informal economy

The startup Afrimalin was ranked in the 3rd place at "L'Arbres à Palabres" Hackathon. His project is a database of stakeholders involved in the informal economy, enabling us to digitalise data collection and redistribute savings via mobile money, using YUP, for example.

Interview with Mamadou Niane

What’s the story behind your project and what sparked the idea?

It all began with the creation of a digital solution for a Cameroon-based association, Bayam Selam (ASBY). This organisation developed a concept aimed at bringing together all the stakeholders - the bayam-sellam, which covers all those traders who buy in bulk and resell as retail, farmers, livestock breeders, fish farmers, craftsmen and drivers - involved in the production and marketing of farming products, with the goal of boosting production and setting up a remotely managed marketing chain.

In what ways is your project innovative?

Our solution offers a genuine data collection service. The digital system or app will make it easier to collect savings from members using a mobile money solution.

What does Lab Innovation represent for you?

It’s a workplace geared to getting the most out of innovation. It represents a unique environment that promotes creativity and information sharing.

What were your expectations for the Lab?

The Lab will help us broaden our knowledge and develop comprehensive, easy-to-use solutions.

What advantages does that give you?

It will make me even more innovative in my personal approach.

What are the benefits of your project for the African market?

Digital management of social groups in Africa provides us with a particularly clear overview and allows us to improve the way we classify the whole range of specific trades that operate within the informal economy, as well as small businesses.

What would you say is the best piece of advice you’ve ever been given?

Mbala Biloa Marie – the Founder and General Coordinator of ASBY – as well as the organisers and jury members of the Hackathon in Ivory Coast provided me with insights into the issues facing the association, such as traceability of its members, how to collect all the different types of savings, on a daily, weekly or monthly basis. This precious information will be a springboard for determining how my project should develop from here.