An open bank

Being an open bank is part of our DNA. It is also essential to adapt to a changing environment and meet the needs of our customers.


Innovation ecosystems, partnerships, collective intelligence ... Societe Generale continually develops and strenghtens relations with various partners and startups and multiplies exchanges and collaborations.

The goal is twofold: to bring them the expertise of the bank and to feed on their know-how in the field of user experience, new technologies and methodologies. Better cooperation with the various players enables Societe Generale to identify the partners who will bring value to its activities.

Innovation Labs

True open ecosystems, designed to stimulate and accelerate innovation in all of the Group's subsidiaries in Africa, these "think tanks" are incubators of innovation, particularly for initiatives from Societe Generale's African subsidiaries.
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Partnerships for SMEs

Societe Generale supports various players and initiatives in favor of the development of SMEs such as AFD-Proparco, Bpifrance, Investors & Partners or Réseau Entreprendre and local actors in each country.
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Participative Innovation

Thinking together about the issues, providing expertise and relying on the know-how and dynamism of internal and external start-ups, participatory innovation is at the heart of the Group's development on the African continent.
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Collective Intelligence

It is with all of Societe Generale's African employees that the Group's strategy in Africa is built for the next 10 years, by focusing on collective intelligence, sharing the knowledge and skills of each, with a common goal.
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