Societe Generale in Africa



Maghreb en Chœur

3 subsidiaries united for a musical adventure

On April 11, the choirs of Société Générale Algérie, Société Générale Maroc and Union Internationale de Banques (Tunisia) gathered for a single joint representation in Casablanca.

Much more than just a concert, the choirs of the three North African subsidiaries lived a real human adventure together, which began in February.

Choristers ceremony

Isabelle Haouch: "The staff members are highly committed. For instance, an Algerian chorister made the journey from Tlemcen to Algiers (500kms) just to attend rehearsal and another one came from Marrakech (300kms from Casablanca) specially for the occasion. It says a lot about the enthusiasm of the choir!". 

Zineb Feriel Laouamen: "The union of the three choirs brings out the colors of the North African music, thanks to the will and commitment of each and everyone of the collaborators".

Leila Chekiri: "Maghreb en Chœur is quite a human and artistic adventure, as well as a challenge, considering the recent creation Noudjoum SGA (Société Générale Algérie's choir - ed). It requires to go beyond its own limits."

Ahlem Bezazi: "The last rehearsal was the best time of the preparation, we began to enjoy the results of our effort and commitment to contribute to the success of this beautiful project." Ahlem Bezazi

Ali Kobbi: "It was an interesting artistic experience, a great moment of sharing and a wonderful opportunity to work as a team".

Ahmed Chaouachi: "Together, united, our potential is inestimable! We just have to believe in it!"

This concert was a success, and surely the first step of an adventure to be continued.