Societe Generale in Africa



Women In Africa

Candidates can now apply

Convinced that women play a fundamental role in the dynamism of the continent's entrepreneurial ecosystem, Societe Generale will once again work alongside the Women in Africa Philanthropy Foundation (WIA) this year, to support women's entrepreneurship in Africa.

Since January 8th and until February 15th, the candidates can apply for 2019 promotion. To do so, the African women entrepreneurs must have created a company with a strong social impact and a high growth potential. End of April, a renowned international jury will then select the 54 winners among the preselected entrepreneurs. Six activity sectors have been taken on, based on the great stakes that the World Bank identified for the future of Africa: Education, Health, Energy and Environment, FinTech, social and digital Innovation and finally, agricultural Innovation.

All of the 54 winners will be invited to the WIA Annual Summit in Marrakech next June, which will be the opportunity for them to meet the world and Pan-African great leaders, investors and decision-makers. They will also benefit from training, mentoring and coaching throughout the year.