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YUP launches the YUP Music app

YUP extends its offer once more and launches Yup Music, a music platform supported by Universal Music Group. The app will be available shortly and will provide a genuine music offer in several countries of West, East and Centre Africa. 

With a complete music library enriched by the Universal Music Group's contents, YUP Music will organize games and contests to win concert tickets and meetings with artists for example. Emphasis will be put on local content and bonuses will reward the frequency of use: the more active users will, the more content they will access.

With this initiative, YUP showed once again its willingness to go beyond the traditional bank model, transforming mobile phone into a gateway into unique experiences.

Launched in 2017 by Societe Generale, YUP is a digital wallet through which clients can access a comprehensive range of financial and non-financial services.

Available for anybody who owns a cellphone, whatever the model and operator, this universal solution offers underbanked or unbanked clients the possibility to deposit, transfer and withdraw cash, to charge a phone and to pay bills, to receive their salary as well as pay in stores. The wallet will soon allow them to access loan, savings and insurance solutions.