An innovative bank

Alexandre Maymat
Head of the Africa region

Africa is an innovation territory and we are determined to be on the forefront of innovation in the continent! The market is not a mature one yet, we must establish ourselves as pioneers. When it comes to digital technology, Africa is by no means behind. Our role is to facilitate, and even anticipate, all the changes that will be introduced in the way banking services are consumed, to provide now techniques and tools that our clients will ask for tomorrow. A cultural revolution has undoubtedly started in Africa, we are following it very closely, and not just from a banker's perspective !

Innovation is at the heart of Societe Generale's strategy in Africa.

With the recognition that Africa is inventing the bank of tomorrow, Societe Generale wants to be a key player in this revolution.

Partnerships, creations of Lab, launches of innovative services ... the Group encourages initiatives to better serve its customers by integrating all the potential avenues offered, particularly through digital technology.
For new uses and new services, the bank is committed to anticipating its clients' needs and inventing new solutions to meet them.