Promoting Equity

Societe Generale strives to fight against discrimination and works on the different components of diversity.

As a signatory to the Women’s Empowerment Principles, under the aegis of the United Nations Global Compact, promoting gender quality at work, both within the company and in its sphere of influence, the Group has made it a priority to promote women.

In this spirit, the "Diversity for Africa" initiative aims at making the Group's employees take part  in defining and setting up a fair company.

Societe Generale supports various initiatives aimed at enhancing women's place in society and the professional world, such as: 

Diversity for Africa

In Africa, Societe Generale is considered a reference employer with balanced teams in terms of gender.

Meanwhile, the Bank wants to change the culture and decision-making processes of the subsidiaries to create an environment that promotes the equitable professional development of women and men.

It is the reason why the Diversity for Africa initiative was launched

The initiative was launched in November 2018 with the opening of a digital platform of collective intelligence to the Group's African employees in order to co-build a company that embodies equity and promotes diversity.

Employees were thus able to participate actively in the definition of the strategic axes of the initiative and share their ideas about equity in the company, work / life balance and managerial culture.

Diversity & Inclusion Charter

On May 23, 2019, a Diversity & Inclusion Charter for Societe Generale in Africa, the Mediterranean Basin and Overseas was signed, endorsing the commitments made by the AFMO Business Unit's Management Committee.

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