Societe Generale rewarded by Euromoney



Societe Generale has been rewarded several times during the Euromoney Awards for Excellence 2023 ceremony, in Africa and globally.

Euromoney held its Awards for Excellence 2023 ceremony in central London on the evening of July 12.

csm_AFE23_Regional_Africa_Best_Bank_for_Transaction_Services_177321c97c.png                                                                              csm_AFE23_Global_Best_Bank_Transition_Strategy_0d7b287389.png

On this occasion, Societe Generale Group was granted the regional prize of   Africa’s Best Bank for Transaction Services, in addition to the World's Best Bank Transition Strategy Award the Bank won for the second consecutive year.
Societe Generale Ivorian entity was also awarded Best Bank in Côte d'Ivoire » for the third year in a row.


Euromoney commented: “The French firm continues to impress with its ambition to implement a shift across all sectors it considers as the ‘enablers’ of the transition – not just energy. It is starting to see the benefits of tackling the topic internally first, in order to then influence client behaviour.” 

Societe Generale also won the following awards:

  • Western Europe's Best Bank for Transaction Services,
  • CEE's Best Bank for Financing for the second year in a row.

These awards are a recognition the Group’s global positioning, teams’ expertise and commitment to sustainability, as well as the quality of its global transaction banking franchise and financing activities, in Europe and Africa.