Societe Generale supports CARE in Africa



A new step for the Coronavirus solidarity fund for Africa

In May, the Group launched a <link https: societegenerale.africa en societe-generale-africa news news-details programme-solidarite-mondial _blank>Coronavirus solidarity fund for Africa with a donation of 1.5 million euros to Médecins sans frontières as a first step. As announced then, this plan is to be complemented by new partnerships.

In this context, the Group made a donation of EUR 370,000 to CARE to support actions to prevent the spread of COVID-19 in Madagascar and Chad.
A long-standing partner of Societe Generale Group, CARE is a major player in emergency response. In this framework, the charity works in conjunction with civil society organisations and local authorities.


On site, the teams will work on three main areas: informing and raising the awareness of the population, strengthening the capacity of health structures and providing support faced with economic repercussions.

This new step reinforces our role as an institution serving the economies and supporting societies, also each playing our role as bankers at the service of our customers and as citizens, members of our communities.

<link https: www.carefrance.org english.htm _blank>Find out more about CARE