Societe Generale in Africa



Innovation for health

Société Générale Tchad supports women entrepreneurs Société Générale Tchad set up a partnership with Falmata Hassane Awada and Zam-Zam Mahamat Djorkode, respectively Chief Executive Officer and Chief Technology Officer of Ns2i Software.

The two engineers launched an application named Web Sahtina ("Our health" in English) that was already awarded multiple times, even though it was still on its testing phase in two Chadian clinics.

This app, available soon on Playstore, allows among other options to register and digitise patients' data, to receive appointments reminders or to communicate on vaccination campaigns. Another advantage is that the app can be used offline, thanks to pylons installed near health centers.

Société Générale Tchad, willing to encourage a public interest project, offered its support to Ns2i through its special start-ups support program. The Bank therefore accompanied the two female entrepreneurs to the Next100 Start Up Initiative ceremony organized by the Africa Business Forum in Egypt, where they received an award. In the meantime, they officially launched their app in N'Djamena, the capital of Chad.