MAIF chooses Societe Generale's structured products for their contribution to reducing CO2 emissions



MAIF Solutions Financières, a subsidiary of the French insurer, is distributing a unique type of structured notes that supports, through the purchase and cancellation of carbon credits, a project contributing to the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions in sub-Saharan Africa. This product, which supports a voluntary climate action, is an innovation of Societe Generale’s Global Markets department.

Within the ESG1 and SRI2 product ranges that are dedicated to its French clients, MAIF Solutions Financières, the asset management subsidiary of the  insurance group MAIF, has been offering structured notes with ESG underlyings that include a contribution to a greenhouse gas emission reduction project in sub-Saharan Africa – a Societe Generale innovation. "Structured products are part of the solutions we offer to our clients, but for the past three years we have been systematically offering them with ESG indices as underlyings. We have this goal of making our entire range of financial solutions 100% SRI by the end of 2021 by integrating solutions with innovative and positive contribution underlyings. After integrating Societe Generale’s reforestation notes3 into our offer two years ago, we decided to enhance it with the bank's structured notes that include a contribution to a greenhouse gas emission reduction project in Sub-Saharan Africa », explains Olivier Weller, Deputy Director-General of MAIF Solutions Financières

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[1] ESG: Environmental, Social and Governance criteria
[2] SRI: Socially Responsible Investment
[3] Read also the article When structured products and contributing to reforestation go hand in hand