Societe Generale in Africa



A program for African Women Tech'preneurs

The Inno Lab in Dakar is launching SmartCo, a program dedicated to young women Tech'preneurs in five African and overseas countries: Benin, Congo, Guinea, Reunion Island and Tunisia. Online registration is open until April 30.

For the first edition, 100 women project leaders, mainly from outside the Group (plus 10 Societe Generale's women staff members) will be selected to develop and create sustainable solutions to address the issues and stakes of the communities they mix with.

First, they will get to grips with the material through online learning modules. Then, their project will be challenged, and they will learn about indispensable topics such as user-centered design thinking, business model design and agile management during a bootcamp. For the last phase of the SmartCo a hackathon will be organized in each of the five countries. The winner will have the opportunity to present her project during the Panafrican Valley Community that will be held in Abidjan in June.

This program aims to contribute to more parity among the Tech'preneurs and promote Tech Women empowerment, but above all, it aims to set a basis for promotion and social harmony through women's learning, as they are a proven driver of change in Africa.