YUP supports the National Agency for Economic and Social Inclusion in Guinea



Following a call for tenders launched by the Guinean government, YUP has been chosen to support the National Agency for Economic and Social Inclusion (ANIES - Agence Nationale d'Inclusion Economique et Sociale) in a vast financial support program for the poorest households.

This choice is a recognition of YUP Guinea's expertise in Mobile Money and its leading role in the financial inclusion of the poorest populations in the country. During this first phase which covers the special zone of Conakry, 17,000 households will receive 250,000 Guinean francs during 6 months.

For the success of this operation, YUP Guinea has benefited from the technical support of ANIES for the identification of the households targeted by this operation and from the compliance department (local, regional and Paris) which was able to understand the social dimension of the project during this pandemic, to adapt the KYC scheme to the circular note recently issued by the Central Bank of the Republic of Guinea (BCRG), relating to special accounts in electronic money in Guinea.        

Thus, through this operation, YUP Guinea provides ANIES with more than 500 withdrawal points throughout the capital city to allow eligible households to have a quick and secure access to their savings.