Supporting small and medium-sized enterprises in Benin



Opening of a "Maison de la PME"

Since Thursday 12 December, project leaders and entrepreneurs have been benefiting from a support platform in Benin: the "Maison de la PME" (House of small and medium-sized enterprises) is now open to anyone wishing to create or develop their business, whether or not they are a Société Générale Bénin (SGB) customer, whether or not they have a bank account.

A business center that takes into account all the needs of the company from the creation stage, through structuring, formalization and facilitation of access to finance. To do this, a team of experts is responsible for animating it. Located in the the headquarters of Societe Generale Benin, this place, according to Yéry Seck, CEO of the Beninese subsidiary, derives from the will of the Group and its local partners to make a concrete contribution to the problem of SMEs. The creation of the Maison de la PME, he says, is societal responsibility of Société Générale Bénin before being a business adventure, referring to the impact that the development of an SME could have on society as a whole, with job creation and growth that its growth could boost.

The sixth subsidiary in Africa to have an SME House, Société Générale Bénin intends by this platform to promote project formalization, support for export, training and coaching of companies, networking accentuated by events and on-site training.

For Yénita Bamba, Commercial Director Enterprise of Société Générale Bénin, many are seeking funding to realize projects that bring wealth. But very often, the files submitted to the appreciation of financial institutions lack certain key elements likely to reveal their potential. Hence the interest of the Societe Generale group in investing in the SME sector in order to have a very strong impact on the financing of these different economic ecosystems which, today, have difficulty accessing financing.