A responsible Bank

Being a responsible company lies at the very heart of our mission and reflects the essence of the relationship bank of reference that we strive to be.

Corporate responsibility in all its dimensions has been an integral part of how we have been working as a banker for many years, including in our African subsidiaries, which are positioned, in line with the Group, as citizen banks, partners of local economies and close to people’s concerns. 

As a key player in financing the economy, our mission is to offer the best solutions to advise and connect individuals, companies and institutions, in order to support them in the development of their projects, the management of their financial means and their risk coverage. Sensitive to the different stakeholders within our ecosystem, we also strive to ensure the generation of a long-term positive impact on the environment surrounding us.

Discover Responsibility within Societe Generale Group

Committed in positive transformations, the Societe Generale Group has fully integrated Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) into its strategy and, since the end of 2017, has defined its CSR ambition.

It is divided into six areas that are fully integrated into the activity of each of the bank's businesses: three general themes - client satisfaction and protection, responsible employer, ethics and governance -, two more specifically CSR themes - climate change and societal innovations - and a cross-cutting theme - the sustainable development of Africa.

The objective of this ambition is to create added value for stakeholders and support the positive transformations of society, including the issues of energy transition and sustainable cities, offering customers products and services sustainable, while making customer satisfaction a priority.

Employees' commitment is a major component of the set-up. Societe Generale is committed to being a responsible employer by offering them an inclusive work environment that promotes the well-being and development of everyone.

In Africa, Societe Generale has made the continent's sustainable and low-carbon development a strong priority, fully integrated into its strategy. The Group capitalizes on its diversified and integrated model to meet major challenges.

In this respect, the Grow with Africa initiative, launched in November 2018, aims to contribute fully to this objective. This initiative, which is carried out in partnership with the territories and local actors as well as international experts, by setting up dialogue, listening and sharing innovative means and approaches, focuses on four main areas: supporting the development of SMEs infrastructure financing, financial inclusion and innovative financing in renewable energies and agribusiness.