Best Bank for CSR... and much more!



EMEA Finance rewards the Group's expertise and commitment to Africa.


EMEA Finance magazine unveiled the winners of the African Banking Awards. This 2022 edition undeniably rewards Societe Generale's commitment to the African continent, with no less than 16 trophies won by the Bank.

At the pan-African level, Societe Generale Group was granted the following awards:

  • Best Bank for CSR,
  • Sustainability Award,
  • Best foreign investment bank,
  • Best product launch.

In addition, seven Societe Generale subsidiaries have also won numerous distinctions in their respective geographies:

  • Benin: Best investment bank
  • Cameroon: Best bank and Best investment bank
  • Chad: Best bank
  • Côte d’Ivoire: Best bank and Best investment bank
  • Guinea: Best bank
  • Madagascar: Best bank
  • Morocco:
    • Best foreign bank
    • Best foreign investment bank
    • Best asset manager, for Sogecapital Gestion 
    • Best broker, for Sogecapital Bourse

These prizes once again reward the Bank's strategy and commitment to the continent's development, particularly through the Grow with Africa program, which aims to support the continent's sustainable growth.