Inauguration of the SME House (Maison de la PME) in Madagascar



A dedicated space to meet the SMEs’ expectations.

One of the four major pillars of the "Grow With Africa" initiative, multidimensional support and the implementation of adapted financing for SMEs is made through the creation of adapted set-ups, such as SME Houses. Primarily launched in November 2018 in Senegal, the eight SME House is launched in Madagascar. 

A dedicated and friendly business expansion space

The launching of the Maison de la PME, in Madagascar, is a multi-dimensional approach to support the needs of SME managers. Through a system of centralisation of partners and institutions willing to collaborate, it is now open to anyone wishing to create or develop their business as well as to all SMEs, whether or not they are Société Générale Madagasikara clients. One of the main advantages of the Maison de la PME is that it supports and takes into consideration the needs of the company from the creation stage, through structuring and assistance with access to financing solutions at all stages of the company's life cycle.

The Maison de la PME has a coworking space to facilitate remote meetings. It is a place to support the creation and implementation of projects, but also a space for training, coaching and networking

"African small and medium-sized enterprises are the cornerstones of the development of African economies, they represent 90% of the private companies and a part of the majority of the population. This is why they are essential, especially in the emergence of the African countries and in the access to employment. It is for this reason that Societe Generale has set itself the objective of better supporting and financing them and has included this ambition in its strategic initiative for Africa, Grow With Africa" comments Zdenek Metelak, CEO of Société Générale Madagasikara.