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Africa nurtures innovation - Alexandre Maymat's viewpoint on LinkedIn

On the occasion of the annual Women In Africa Summit, a few days ago in Marrakech, I was once again struck by the dynamic of innovation that drives our employees and external startups across the different regions of Africa. This led me to wonder about the role of innovation in the development of African economies.

The heterogeneity of the African territory, demographic and economic, certainly leads the continent towards an original model of emergence, with however a common point of convergence: innovation! 

Indeed, whatever the country, Africans are driven by the same need to find innovative and pragmatic solutions to the development and growth challenges specific to each country. Innovation in Africa is not "nice to have", it is a "must have". It meets vital needs.

Thus, technologies and entrepreneurship are transforming Africa.

For example, in most parts of the country, there are now more mobile people than adult inhabitants. Between 2010 and 2015, the growth of mobile phones has been exponential (+70%). Why? Well because mobile technology lends itself particularly well to the specificities of the continent and the development of mobile money is an illustration of this. No mobile, no local banking service!

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