Societe Generale in Africa



First edition of the Diaspora Days

A Pan-African vision to guide clients in Western Africa

Last November 22 and 23 in Abidjan, the first edition of the Diaspora Days was held, with a special focus on "discovering". This Pan-African event is meant to reinforce Societe Generale's support to African citizens who migrated in the sub-region.

These days were the opportunity to share with clients coming from the diaspora about their concerns and expectations relative to the bank's West-African network. The workshops were led by Societe Generale's Dakar Innovation lab to turn the migrants' expectations into operational initiatives as soon as possible.

Those expectations are high and the Group is determined to build the right level of coordination between its subsidiaries for a deeply Pan-African Societe Generale.

The diaspora days will also take place in the West-African regions where Societe Generale is established.